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Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Friends Season One, Volume Two DVD Review

Super Friends Season One, Volume Two DVD Review

Synopsis: The series featured the adventures of DC Comics book heroes Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. These five superheroes along with superheroes in training Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog focused their abilities on putting away criminals, saving lives, and stopping terrible disasters. Each episode of the SuperFriends was geared to present, not only action, but also some lesson of educational value. A number of other famous DC comic book heroes appeared: Plastic Man, The Flash, and Green Arrow Eight 1-hour timeless adventures in a Deluxe 2-Disc Collector’s Edition showcase the universe’s greatest heroes paving the way for a brighter future.

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The Super Friends is a classic cartoon that has enthralled fans of all ages.  To those of us that grew up on it as children, which can be quite a few as the show spanned over a decade in it's various incarnations, to our own children that are seeing it now for the first time.  I won't lie to you, the show is dated.  Its old and its silly.  Its also fun and safe for your kids.  Its not as dark as some of the other incarnations and not as painfully campy as Brave and the Bold.  Its not trying so hard to be anything but fun for kids.  The best thing about all of these new DVD releases is not only can you relive your childhood memories of this great series, but you can now share it with your own kids.

This volume of Super Friends is the second volume of the original season.  Warner Bros. has kinda released these in a random order, but we're finally starting to wrap it all up!  This is a solid set.  It has very nice graphics and a neat little slipcase to give the set a little bit of class on your shelf.  Its a solid release with some great episodes of the show.  Bottom line, if you dig the Super Friends, then you'll dig this.  Its not heavy on extras in the slightest, but its a great collection of episodes.

Interest Range: Vintage Animation, Dc Comics, Batman, Superman