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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brooklyn's Finest Blu-Ray Review

Brooklyn's Finest  Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Something of a genre homecoming, Antoine Fuqua's latest film once again finds him delving into the gritty, brutal realm of cops and crooks—as he did in Training Day. Tango is an undercover officer on a narcotics detail that forces him to choose between duty and friendship. Having been to hell and back, he wants out, but the powers that be won't let him quit. Family-man Sal is a detective tempted by greed and corruption. He can barely make ends meet, and now his wife has an illness that threatens the life of their unborn twins. Eddie is nearing retirement age and has long since lost his dedication to his job as a cop. He wakes up every morning trying to come up with a reason to go on living...and he can't think of one. Fate brings the three men to the same Brooklyn housing project as each takes the law into his own hands. Crosscutting between multiple subplots, Brooklyn's Finest unfolds violently and passionately as coiled, constantly roving cinematography contributes a measure of unease to the underworld action.

Review: If there is one thing that director Antoine Fuqua knows its how to make a great police drama.  His previous effort, Training Day, was a huge success.  Now, with Brooklyn's Finest, he is venturing again into the gritty, unsettling and often morally compromised world of being a police officer.   This time the backdrop is, you guessed it, Brooklyn.

We follow the lives of three very different cops in Brooklyn's Finest.  You have Don Cheadle, who is an undercover cop, Richard Gere, who is an aging cop that is near retirement and Ethan Hawke, a corrupt cop.  The drama ensues as we see each of their lives unravel towards an apex that gives us an edge of your seat ending.

Brooklyn's Finest is a great film.  Its suspenseful and you really get invested in the characters, which is the most important part of any film.  The blu-ray looks fantastic.  The only way to watch stuff anymore is high-definition! 

Interest Range: Action/Adventure, Cop Drama