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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adopted DVD Review

Adopted DVD Review

Synopsis: For hundreds of years, Africa has existed in a state of despair Famine, civil wars and rampant disease have left the continent without hope, but for the efforts of Western do-gooders. At first, they arrived with food, bibles and the magic of penicillin; more recently they have hosted rock concerts and sent plane loads of grain. And in the last decade of the 20th century they arrived and took babies home with them. First there was Angelina, then Madonna, and now...Pauly Shore!

Review: I first heard about this documentary while listening to Pauly Shore on the Howard Stern Show.  We haven't seen a lot of Pauly Shore in past years, so its a welcome return as far as we're concerned here at the Legion.  This documentary chronicles Pauly's spoof of the Hollywood community as he goes to a foreign country and tries to adopt a child.

The film first and foremost is funny.  Shore still has it and the documentary puts him in the best situations.  What really struck me most about this documentary, though, is how it really had a heart.  The film gives stats on orphans around the world and some adoption numbers.  There is such a need out there and while this film spoofs, it also brings attention to the millions of abandoned children around the world.  

A very nice return for Pauly Shore and a great documentary.

Interest Range: Documentary, Pauly Shore