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Monday, June 14, 2010

Animation Express on DVD and Blu-Ray Review

Animation Express on DVD and Blu-Ray Review

 You can own this on DVD and Blu-Ray today

Synopsis: Take a journey beyond your wildest imagination with this amazingly inventive, hugely entertaining collection of 26 animated shorts sure to delight viewers of all ages! With everything from modern masterworks such as Madame Tutli-Putli and Sleeping Betty to groundbreaking experimental shorts and classic cartoons, emerging talents join seasoned directors from the National Film Board of Canada, employing a startling palette of technologies to create animation magic. Films Include: Madame Tutti-Putli, Spare Change, Forming Game, The Spine, Hungu, The Man Who Slept, Rosa Rosa, How People Got Fire, Rains, Robes of War, Retouches, Drux Flux, Subservience, Sleeping Betty, Invasion of the Space Lobsters, The Necktie, Sainte Barbe, Come Again in Spring, Paradise, HA'Aki, Vive la Rose, Here and There, Land of the Heads, Flutter, Runaway, Engine 371.

Review: This amazing collection from The National Film Board of Canada features a lot of experimental and innovative new animation projects.  There is a total of 26 animated shorts that cover a great range of interest levels.  I'm a huge fan of animation, so I really dig sets like this.

I found at least 90% of the shorts on this collection to be absolutely stunning and entertaining.  I was very impressed overall with this release.  I would personally prefer it on blu-ray, but it is available on DVD for those that may want to save a few dollars or just plain don't have the technology yet for blu-ray.

Interest Range: Animation Fans, Cartoons, Animated Shorts