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Monday, May 24, 2010

Waiting For Armageddon DVD Review

Waiting For Armageddon DVD Review

Synopsis: Waiting for Armageddon explores the culture of 50 million American Evangelicals who believe that Bible prophecy dictates the future of mankind and that Israel and the Jewish people play pivotal roles in ensuring Christ's return. The film raises questions regarding how this theology shapes U.S. - Middle East relations and may encourage an international holy war.

Review: We love our documentaries here at the LEGION.  When we saw the information on 'Waiting for Armageddon' we knew that it would be rather controvertial on the topic of religion, so we decided to give it a watch.  Wow, what a mess.

The documentary is fantastic, its these people that are a mess!   We get an overview of the religious right in America.  The evangelicals that control most of our government and communications.  Then, we delve into three specific couples' lives.  We hear their views on the end of the world, the rapture and the coming battle when Christ returns.

This documentary is very relevant for any Jewish people that aren't really that familiar with the evangelicals.  You may change your ideas about them and why they may like you.  They don't wish for peace in the Middle East.  They don't appreciate your religion, they simply need to use you for the end of the world to come to pass.  Its really quite absurd.

This documentary is great for those interested in religion.

Rating: Documentary, Religious Topics, The Rapture, The end of the World, Christians, Jewish Studies, Middle East Conflict