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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TNA Wrestling Week: Destination X 2010 DVD Review

TNA Wrestling: Destination X 2010 DVD Review

Synopsis: Destination X is Total Nonstop Action s (TNA) annual high flying event of the year! Watch all your favorite TNA Superstars battle it out live from the one and only TNA iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, FL. See as X Division Champion Alex Shelley puts his title on the line in the revolutionary Ultimate X Match.

Review: TNA Wrestling is now in a new era with Hulk Hogan coming on-board.  Its looking more and more like WCW everyday, and thats just fine by me!  Its this great blend of the old world talent and the young guys.  Destination X was a pay-per-view from March of 2010.  It features some fantastic matches between some great TNA superstars, all culminating in the Heavyweight Championship match between Abyss vs. AJ Styles, who is accompanyed by Rick Flair.   

The event features plenty of backstage action, which is just as important to me as the in-ring action.  The storylines are progressing, while some are coming to and end as rivalries are solved.  Its important to me as a wrestling fan to chronicle all of these great pay-per-view events and these TNA DVDs are the best way to do that.  The quality of the events is getting better and better in 2010!

Rating: TNA Wrestling, Pay-Per-View, Hulk Hogan