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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peanuts: The 1970s Collection Volume 2 DVD Review

Peanuts: The 1970s Collection Volume 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: It's a cool collection, Charlie Brown: 6 animated Peanuts TV specials re-mastered and together in a Deluxe 2-Disc Set. Enjoy these 6 wise and wonderful all-family primetime animated specials that made enduring TV favorites of Charlie Brown and his friends! One is marking its DVD Premiere.

Review: We love Charlie Brown.  He's such a blockhead.  I kinda felt like him growing up...heck, sometimes I still do!  The Charlie Brown holiday specials are well-known, especially the Halloween and Xmas.  They re-run them every year.  What they don't re-run are the dozens of other made for tv specials that exist.

This DVD set includes 'Be My Valentine Charlie Brown', 'You're a Good Sport Charlie Brown', 'It's Arbor Day Charlie Brown', 'What a Nightmare Charlie Brown', 'It's Your First Kiss Charlie Brown' and 'You're the Greatest Charlie Brown'.  These made for tv specials from the 1970s haven't been widely re-run on television, so for many this will be the first time you've seen them in 30-some odd years!  Kind of a nice treat.

If you enjoy Charlie Brown at all, you'll be into this set.

Rating: Animation, Charlie Brown, Vintage Animation, Snoopy