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Monday, May 24, 2010

Master Engineer: ROBOTS Book Review

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Master Engineer: ROBOTS Book Review

About the Book: Robots are taking over the world! Meet some of the most amazing machines man has ever created, from battlefield 'bots to amazing androids, in Master Engineer: Robots. Before robots existed, people imagined them. In fact, more than 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci sketched plans for a mechanical knight. Since then, engineers have come a long way, introducing the first modern humanoid robot, Elektro, (who could count on his fingers!) in 1939, to today's sophisticated humanoid robots that can speak, walk, do chores and more. Throughout the book, cool photographs and diagrams bring science to life, while engaging text explains the evolution of the robot. Once kids discover the engineering behind robots, they can build a giant model (three feet, two inches tall!) of a humanoid robot using the kit included with the book. Eat your heart out, C–3PO!

Our Take: My son is an absolute robot freak!  He loves technology and Robots are the natural draw for a 7 year old boy!  This cool Robot book from Silver Dolphin not only gives an overview of Robotic technology, but it gives you a built-in kit to build your own 3' 2" robot out of cardboard!  This book was a ton of fun and a great activity to share with the kids.  With summertime coming up, its a great addition to your arsenal of things to entertain the little ones!

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