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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hoarders: The Complete Season One DVD Review

Hoarders: The Complete Season One DVD Review

Synopsis: Take a fascinating look inside the lives of people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis.

Whether they're facing eviction, the loss of their children, jail time, or divorce, these hoarders are desperately in need of help. In each 60-minute episode of Hoarders, A&E follows two people struggling to overcome their compulsive behavior while experts work to put them on the road to recovery. For some, throwing away even the tiniest possession a sponge, a button, an empty box is so painful that they won t be able to complete the cleaning matter the consequences. For others, professional help and an organizer's guidance give them the strength to recover. At the end of each episode find out who has been able to keep their hoarding behavior at bay and who, despite help, is still lost inside this painful disease.

BONUS FEATURES: Additional Footage

DISC 1 (4 episodes, approx 188 min): Jennifer & Ron/Jill; Linda/Steven; Tara/Betty; Jake/Shirley;

DISC 2 (3 episodes, approx 141 min + bonus): Kerrylea/Lauren; Patty/Bill; Paul/Missy & Alex; Bonus

Review: My wife and I tune into Hoarders every single week.  It doesn't matter if its re-runs, my wife looks forward to 'Castle' on ABC Monday nights and then 'Hoarders' on A&E!   If you haven't seen this show before, then hold into your seat!  If you think you're a little messy or disorganized, then you won't believe these people's homes!  

Wall to wall junk or trash.  Floors that you cannot walk on, because they're covered in garbage or papers.  Piles up to the ceiling and rooms that can't be used.  Everything from extreme overclutter and overcollecting to absolute filth.

Hoarding is a very serious mental illness, often triggered by a traumatic event or events in someone's life.  You hear story after story of sexual abuse, traumatic death and loss and other terrible life events.  Thats not to say that Hoarders is a depressing show, far from it.  Its more like a fascinating look into someone else's world, documentary style. 

I cannot recommend Hoarders enough.  Its a fantastic show and this complete season set not only gives you every episode from the first season, but some additional footage, as well.   Get in on the show that everyone is talking about and get a compassionate look at a relatively unknown illness.  We have known a few Hoarders in real-life and I can tell you that this show is no dramatization, things really exist like this and they are that bad!

Rating: A&E television, documentary film, mental illness