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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

History of the World, Part I Blu-Ray Review

History of the World, Part I Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: The term “revisionist history” is given a new meaning in History Of The World: Part I, a laugh-filled version of the story of mankind. Featuring an all-star cast with Brooks, Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn and Gregory Hines, the film proves that nothing, including history, is sacred.

Review: Mel Brooks was America's answer to Monty Python.  He was never quite as funny as the Python boys, but he made a dang fine effort.  He was on the top of American comedic and spoof filmmaking.  This films still go down as some of the best.  Everything from Blazing Saddles to Spaceballs.  History of the World may be one of his best, though.

Talk about hilarious spoof comedy.  This one takes the history of civilication and rips it apart, Python style.  Its a fantastic effort and really does a great job of providing out loud laughs, and honestly how many movies can do that these days? 

The Blu-Ray transfer looks great for such an old film.  You can tell that they really took their time and tried to make these Mel Brooks releases nice.  You can also get Robin Hood: Men in Tights and High Anxiety on Blu-Ray! 

Rating: Mel Brooks Fans, Comedy, Historical Comedy, Monty Python Style