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Monday, May 24, 2010

30 Days: The Complete Series DVD Review

30 Days: The Complete Series DVD Review

Synopsis: 30 DAYS features a diverse group of participants, each given the opportunity to experience first-hand a world antithetical to their own comfortable existence. Each installment examines a different subject, explores topical issues and conducts fascinating social experiments. As each 30 DAYS participant learns about the lives and beliefs of others, viewers learn more about themselves.

Review: This television series stars now legendary documentary man Morgan Spurlock, who is famous for his ground breaking 'Super Size Me'.   Now, Spurlock literally puts himself into other people's shoes in this series 30 Days.   

Amongst the best of the episodes are Spurlock living in prison, as an immigrant, a homosexual and a muslim.  He takes you through the lives of each person in an episode and shows you the various strife that they encounter.  He never does anything to insight the people around him, he simply exists and the reactions that happen naturally are astounding and often saddening.

This show will give you a great perspective on the lives of other people.  I cannot recommend it enough.

Rating: Tv Series, Documentary Series, Morgan Spurlock