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Monday, November 09, 2009

Kong: Return to the Jungle DVD Review

Kong: Return to the Jungle DVD Review

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Synopsis: Kong hits the big screen in this creature feature! Years later, Jason and his friend Eric are living in New York City when the great adventurer and philanthropist Hunter Stag announces plans to fill his new enormous zoo with fantastical creatures. Jason and Eric helicopter to Kong Island to protect Kong and the other inhabitants, confident that with the island’s high-tech radar devices, no one could follow them…but they’re wrong.

Review: The Kong animated series isn’t a show that a lot of people have seen. It was widely overlooked around the turn of the millenium when a lot of shows were updating old franchises for the hip new era. Kong really wasn’t one that I had interest in watching, until a friend of mine convinced me it was good. He followed all 40 episodes of the show and really enjoyed it, while watching re-runs on Toon Disney a few years back.

This DVD represents the first few episodes of the show. Its basically a pilot release and its a great introduction to the series. It covers everything you need to know. My hope is that they’ll go on to release the entire series on DVD soon. The only downside to this release is the complete lack of extras. I have a feeling this is a feeler to see if there is a market for this show. I defiantely recommend it to anyone with an open mind that enjoys animation. Its a cool show.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars