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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Zeta Project: The Complete First Season DVD review

The Zeta Project: The Complete First Season DVD review

Available to own on DVD Tuesday, March 17, 2009!

Legions of Gotham has teamed up with Warner Bros. Animation to give away 3 copies of the Zeta Project: The Complete First Season on DVD! Click below to visit our message board and enter today!

Zeta, a robot programmed by the U.S. government to fight the countrys enemies using weaponry and a holographic self-projector, evolves to the point where he acquires both emotion and a conscience. As the value of human life became evident, he flees the government, who believes he has been reprogrammed by a foreign power. On the run, Zeta encounters Rosalie Ro Rowan, a street orphan who is wanted by the law herself. Join Zeta and Ro in The Zeta Project: The Complete First Season as they set out across America to find both Ros parents, and Zeta's creator who can prove the robot is acting of his own free will.

The Zeta project was one of those really cool shows that aired in the late 1990s on Kids WB!. The show was spun-off of episodes on Batman Beyond, and subsequently, Batman Beyond does guest star in one episode this season! For that reason alone this set is a MUST have for any Batman fan. The extras include the Zeta Batman Beyond episodes, so its really quite a nice little set. The show holds up pretty well and definately looks good on a high-def tv.
Overall its 4 out of 5 stars on this one. Very collectible for animation and Batman fans...