Friday, October 17, 2008

'Batman 3' Rumors

Ok, well LOG gets a lot of emails from fans wondering about various rumors regarding the next Batman film. Is Catwoman going to be in it? If so, who will play her, etc. I want to clear this up really quick for everyone..there isn't a script yet..there is no sign-on by Nolan even. There is nothing but talk. Talk from fans, talk from studios. What they want only goes so far, the director's vision will take the forefront, especially with how well Dark Knight did. Nolan will get a very wide-open pass. I have verified with a few of my contacts at WB and there is, of course, a ton of interest and buzz there, but no word from Nolan yet and its not expected that anything will be even discussed until early 2009, so lets all hunker down and wait for the new year! Until then, you can keep up with Bat-rumors over at Batman On Film. Poor Jett has to sift through them all.

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